Important Documents

Documentation required before packing & move commences include… 


Passport copy 
We will need a copy of the cover and back, inside page with photo and personal details. If you have a visa include that as well. 

  • Insurance policy application form. 
  • Goods valuation form 

At Atlas we go out of our way to ensure that your goods are safe, however to ensure your peace of mind we strongly suggest our customers take out some form of insurance. Having said that, we provide a comprehensive home insurance product which can be tailored to suit your needs and your destination as part of our commitment to providing you as hassle-free a move as possible. 

Should you feel the needs to make any alternative arrangements, please do note that Atlas has the right to decline your move should you not have adequate insurance coverage.

For more information, visit our page on Insurance. 

Provided by Atlas 

Some countries will require that you fill out a customs declaration form as part of the documentation for your shipment. We will advise you accordingly as it varies according to destination.