Moving Tips

Moving Tips

The earlier you start planning your move, the easier it is going to be. Try and organise as many things ahead of time and make a to do list. 

It really helps to also sit down and go through what you have at home, so you can organise and decide what you want to take with you or leave behind. 

If possible, getting a layout of your new home can help you get an idea of how much space you have and also what things you want to take with you. It also helps us, because we can identify during the packing stage what should go where. 

At Atlas, we know how tricky and overwhelming a move can be, which is why we are always available for a quick chat should you need any advice. We believe maintaining open channels of communication is crucial to ensuring that you have the best moving experience possible. 

As always, there are things you should pack and things you shouldn’t. 


We strongly advise you to not pack any personal documents, jewellery or money.


In fact, we have found that setting aside important documents in a clearly labelled folder before the moving date is a good way to prepare prior to move. 

No matter where you are going, it helps to do your research about the country or new neighbourhood you are moving to, so as to reduce any stress and anxiety around the move. 

At Atlas we love labels! If you would like us to pack your items in a particular manner or according to different rooms, you can always label them ahead of time so we know where they need to go. 

Alternatively, you can even do a quick run through with our supervisor before the packing begins. 

When moving to a new home, there is a likelihood that the home you are moving into may not be quite as clean as you would like it to be. 

If you have access beforehand, we do recommend doing the bare basics before hand as it is easier in a bare home as opposed to one full of furniture. 

As much as possible, we at Atlas encourage you to be present during the moving day to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan. 

Once all your item are loaded and ready to go. Do one last final sweep and make sure there is nothing left behind. 

It is also important to ensure you have turned off the gas, electricity, water  as well as shut and locked all the windows and doors, before you say your final goodbye to your old home. 

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