The Move

The Move

The packing process is the most dreaded part of every move. At Atlas we endeavour to ensure that you have the smoothest move possible, which is why we offer a professional packing service. Every member of our team has been trained to a high level and has years of experience in the industry. Having moved thousands of homes, we have the experience of navigating all types of moves and know what considerations need to be made while taking your needs into account. You can be assured that your belongings are in safe hands.


While we at Atlas can take care of everything, we do understand that in some instances you may want to get a head start and pack some stuff yourself. If boxes have been packed by yourself; please ensure that they are left open so the supervisor may have a quick check. If they are sealed, this will be labelled as "PBO" (packed by owner) which may lead to issues with both insurance and authorities. 


Part of the process includes the preparation of a packing list by our team supervisor; for each crate/package (whether for air/storage/sea) you will be asked to verify and sign it upon completion of the packing stage. The team supervisor will provide a post packing checklist; to ensure nothing has been forgotten or incorrectly packed. Once this is done, the team will load your effects at your location before being sent straight to the port/airport for loading or to the warehouse for storage (unless specific instructions have been received)

Our internal shipping department will arrange the air or sea shipment to the nearest port of entry at your destination, that is closest to your new home.

We only work with reputable carriers to ensure that your shipment reaches your destination safely as per your schedule.

As we have been in the industry for years, we have shipping arrangements in place which include the following :


  • Sea container air space booked in advance with the carrier
  • Transportation of the container or truck to your place of residence for packing and loading
  • Transportation of the shipment direct to the sea port or air carrier for loading
  • Completion of export customs clearance documentation
  • Payment of standard port handling and terminal charges (Malaysia)
  • Complete payment of freight charges to your destination port of entry
  • Payment of standard charges for port handling and terminal charges at your destination port of entry (for door-to-door relocation moves only)
  • Submission of all documentation relating to your shipment to our destination delivery office

Atlas ensures that our delivery office in your destination country will have all the information about your shipment as well as your contact details, so that you can discuss your plans and coordinate the delivery of your shipment and completion any final documentation. 


Procedures and services at destination point include : 


  • Documentation and Customs Clearance of shipment
  • Line-Haul of shipment to your new home 
  • Unloading of shipment, unpacking,  placement and positioning of furniture as per your instructions
  • Removal of all debris, incidental to the unpacking
  • Container return